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Finally, a Christian radio station I can relate to.

Currently obsessed with all things RadioU. It’s not your typical Christian radio station. They’re real. They’re not covering up who they are and they just flat out love people. Not to long ago my boyfriend and I were talking about a song on there that said: “Cuz I dry humped, frenched, and freaked it…” the song was talking about the artist’s past and things he had done, it’s an amazing song about forgiveness and moving past mistakes, but you’d never hear a song like that on any other Christian radio station. In fact I can just hear all the homeschool parents complaining now. Oh, and the morning show, “The Riot” is hilarious. I probably look like a crazy person laughing hysterically as I drive to school and I’m totally ok with that. 

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"Essentially we all just want someone to care about us and love us, right? I told him that friendship (and any relationship, really) should be working toward that somehow, but there’s two different parts. It’s partially letting people know they’re not alone by spending time with them and partially letting them know it by investing your emotions and listening when they need to talk." -@Lomonette

I’m surrounded by insightful people and I love it.